West Ladron Ranch


29,079± Total Acres
2,415± Deeded Acres

West Ladron Ranch at a Glance

  • 29,079± Total Acres
  • 2,415± Deeded Acres
  • 26,664± BLM Lease Acres
  • 2 Wells – one producing 15 gpm equipped with solar pump and 20,000 gallons of storage tanks and plenty of drinkers throughout
  • New customized modular home, 2400± sq ft. three bedroom, two bath and is equipped with portable outbuildings and stalls
  • New Mexico GMU 13, Secondary Zone

Welcome to West Ladron
Nestled adjacent to the picturesque Sierra Ladrones Wilderness area, the West Ladron Ranch is a pristine piece of real estate that encompasses Ladron Peak and extends gracefully down the western slope. To the south, it ascends dramatically from the banks of the Rio Salado, offering a breathtaking panorama of the region’s natural beauty.

This expansive property boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna, including Pinon-Juniper, Mountain Mahogany, Oak, Alligator Juniper, and an abundance of wildflowers and grasses. Among these, you’ll find enchanting species like side oats grama and blue grama. The elevation on this land varies from 6,572 feet to a staggering 9,186 feet, making it a diverse and dynamic natural wonder.

The topography of the West Ladron Ranch is as unique as it is captivating, with high mountain peaks that touch the sky and isolated canyons that whisper secrets of the past. The landscape transitions from pinon-juniper woodland on the southern and eastern flanks to open, sprawling grasslands in the northern reaches.


This expansive ranch spans a total of approximately 29,079 acres, with 2,415 acres deeded and the rest designated as BLM allotment. At present, the ranch supports 234 pairs of livestock. Its water supply is reliable and abundant, thanks to two wells. One of these wells yields a steady 15 gallons per minute and is equipped with a solar pump, accompanied by a substantial 20,000-gallon storage capacity. Additionally, numerous water drinkers are strategically placed throughout the property for easy access.

The ranch’s headquarters boasts a newly constructed modular home, encompassing approximately 2,400 square feet. This comfortable residence features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the property is further equipped with portable outbuildings and stalls to meet various needs.

Wildlife & Hunting
Nestled within the robust confines of GMU 13’s secondary zone and set amidst the striking beauty of the high desert landscape, the ranch is teeming with a flourishing ecosystem. Among its remarkable residents are Mule Deer, majestic Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Black Bear, and awe-inspiring Mountain Lion. The diverse wildlife coexist harmoniously in this rugged expanse, offering a diverse and exciting hunting experience. Additional to these impressive species is the presence of one of the most impressive herds of Desert Bighorn Sheep anywhere in the world.

The ranch is 26 miles north of Magdalena and 75 south west of Albuquerque. Magdalena is known as the “Trails End” for the railroad spur line that was built in 1885 from Socorro to Magdalena to transport the cattle, sheep wool, Timber and ore. West Ladron is contiguous on the North and South is the Cibola National Forest. It is well documented that early American notables such as Butch Cassidy and Geronimo are tied to the Magdalena. The local economy has been driven by ranching and hunting opportunities for decades and still is to this day.


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