Mountain View Farm


320± Acres

Nestled in the heart of Las Nutrias, adjacent to the picturesque Rio Grande River, Mountain View Farm encompasses approximately 320 acres of primarily cultivated land. This prime agricultural real estate benefits from a sophisticated irrigation system supplied by the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) ditches, ensuring a lush and productive environment.

The farm is currently on the market, inclusive of 100 acre-feet of coveted pre-1907 water rights, alongside an additional 14± acres (29.4 acre feet) of non pre-1907 water rights. It is important to note that there are additional pre-1907 water rights available for lease and possibly for sale. This provides a unique opportunity for the new owners to keep most or all of the farm in cultivation for an undetermined period of time.

Cultivated with sorghum-sudangrass, the farm serves a critical role in supporting a dairy operation that milks over four thousand cows, utilizing the crop for high-quality silage. Beyond its agricultural value, the farm is a vibrant ecosystem, home to an array of wildlife including dove, quail, pheasant, and turkey. The irrigation ditches and flyways on the property are a haven for waterfowl, attracting ducks, geese, and the majestic sandhill cranes. Additionally, the property participates in an annual depredation elk hunt in the Rio Grande Bosque, receiving hunting tags as part of this conservation effort.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the farm’s layout promotes exceptional efficiency in management. Each pasture is easily accessible, allowing for streamlined operations. The water delivery systems are in excellent condition, positioning the farm as production-ready with minimal need for maintenance.

Beyond its agricultural prowess, Mountain View Farm is enveloped by natural splendor. Unobstructed views of the Sandia and Manzano Mountains to the east, along with the Ladrone and Magdalena Mountains, offer a breathtaking backdrop. The farm’s proximity to the Rio Grande provides direct access to the river’s ditch banks and the serene, cottonwood-lined bosque, enhancing the beauty and tranquility of this unique property.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of agricultural excellence, rich in resources, wildlife, and natural beauty, promising a harmonious blend of productivity and serenity.


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