Monticello Box Ranch – 3,888± Deeded Acres – *SOLD*


Total Acres 4,968±

Encompassing nearly eight square miles of land, Monticello Box Ranch was at one time the homeland of the Anasazi and, more recently, Apache people. Elk and deer, as well as the spectacular Montoya Butte, are seen through the floor-to-ceiling living room windows of the main residence, perfectly sited to take in the view. At a comfortable distance for privacy are a studio, guest house, and manager s residence. The Rio Alamosa, a creek arising from a nearby 1500-foot-deep fault waters fruit orchards, pastures, cottonwoods, walnuts and willows. The east border of the ranch is the Cibola National Forest and San Mateo Mountains, with 10,250 ft Vick s Peak a dominant part of the landscape. The ranch is a historically important location as it and the surrounding area are the frontier along which prehistoric Anasazi and Mimbres cultures overlapped. Archeological excavations have dated human occupation on the ranch to as early as A.D. 700. The high desert beauty, unspoiled natural setting and multilayered history of Monticello Box Ranch make it a truly unique and exciting offering.


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