Garcia Ranch


12,407± Total Acres
2,439± Deeded Acres

Nestled between the Magdalena and San Mateo mountains in west central New Mexico, the Garcia Ranch stands as a captivating land holding, boasting a diverse landscape spread over 12,407± total acres This superb property unfolds a narrative of rich heritage, artistic panoramas, and dynamic topography, offering a combination of income-generating pasture with native grasses and an ideal habitat for wildlife and cattle populations, with an annual capacity of approximately 184 AUs under normal conditions.

Situated just a brief drive southwest of Magdalena, a region steeped in historical significance associated with figures like Butch Cassidy, Geronimo and legendary cattle drives. The local economy has long thrived on the foundations of ranching and hunting opportunities, a tradition that persists to this day.

Encompassing 2,439± deeded acres, 7,729± BLM, and 2,239± state lease acres, the property is covered with native grasses including side oats grama, blue grama and many species of wildflowers. The elevation ranges from 5,875 all the way to 7,800 feet. The diverse topography includes high mountain rim rock and isolated canyons.  It consists of pinon-juniper woodland on the south east and and open grasslands to the north.

The ranch is well water consisting of four operational wells, and pipelines distributing to six drinkers there are also numerous earth tanks throughout the ranch. The original Garcia headquarters, and working pens help to aid in the cattle operations. There are three pastures and two traps.

Native game species such as Rocky Mountain Elk, antelope, mule deer, gamble quail, migratory fowl, and predators thrive on the property. Renowned for world-class elk and antelope, the ranch lies in New Mexico’s GMU 17 and traditionally receives one unit wide mature bull elk tag.

The ranch currently has a grazing lease on it.



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