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Landowner Hunting (EPLUS) in New Mexico Explained

New Mexico’s hunting opportunities are as abundant and diverse as its terrain and habitat. Throughout the vast landscapes you will find big game hunts for trophy bull elk, mule deer, pronghorn and more exotic species including ibex, oryx, and Barbary sheep. Elk hunting here is considered world-class with many bull elk harvested each year in […]

The Great American Outdoors Act – Good for Landowners?

Having sold hundreds of thousands of deeded acres and worked with a multitude of ranch owners over the years, we’ve learned that the vast majority would agree there is no better steward of lands than a private landowner. Private landowners across this great country have invested hundreds of millions of their own personal dollars to […]

New Mexico Water Rights – The 5 Basic Tenets

As ranch real estate brokers we are often asked to explain water rights ownership to land buyers or to help sellers understand what water rights they may or may not have ownership to. Through years of experience and countless hours scouring through public and historic records we can usually offer enough sound knowledge to provide […]